Another Invader Zim Vector

I took a break . .. Anyway, here is another Gir Vector:



  1. nandram said

    nice job noob boy
    thats huge

  2. realitymarbles said

    >.> Thanks.

  3. johnny said

    this picture is freakin awsome they should have it on t.v. again

  4. bere said

    hi i am nancy

  5. _mark said

    ok. win.

  6. sky said

    they should make a sweater like the ones u zip all the way up u kno so wen u zip it up u look lyk the dog that gir dresses up as lol i hope they do

  7. anonimo said

    I love Gir!!!
    i love zim!

  8. adreanna said

    ahahahahahahahahahah gir is soooooooooooooooo awsome ahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hey this is rlly cool I rlly like it 😀

  10. calicod4 said

    hey! awesome fucking job! i love gir! they hella shud make a gir sweater like that!

  11. Killz-Kun said

    Invader zim is an awsome show. Gir is freakin awsome and i love him.

  12. Hey sky, im gunna ask my mom if i can make that, ^3^ ISH SHO CUTE!!! u know what dis deserves? *-* U MY SIR GET A CHOCOLATE BUBLE GUM MILKSHAKE!

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