Invader Zim Vector

Here is a simple Invader Zim vector. It is a very good show, I recommend anyone who has not seen it to watch it. Too bad Nicktoon canceled it…. DAMN YOU NICKTOON T_T
Invader Zim Vector



  1. nandram said

    its a good vector
    i dont kno why but i wanna kill that dam pig

  2. realitymarbles said

    It is a fake pig with a spaceship hidden inside….

  3. Neo D. said

    the dog looks like its humping the pig

  4. realitymarbles said

    You need to go out more…

  5. Neo D. said

    but to watch the show u stay inside…

  6. brad said

    save a pig ride a cowboy

  7. arun mattu said

    i like my mum wink wink

  8. Arturo said

    yeah, not a pig, it’s a spaceship (the pig suit is a distraction)
    and not a dog, but an alien robot helping a superior alien race in its way for total world domination (inside a puppy suit)

    this cartoon rocks.

    do you have any more vectorized images of the characters? 🙂

  9. Ariel Mitchell said

    >the pig is adorable<

  10. nandram said

    if its a good show why did it get cancelled?

  11. shorrty_13 said

    i love gir he is my homeboy

  12. this rocks =]
    i loved this cartoon!

  13. AWWWWW!!! I likes it ^^ Zim himself is so cute to ❤

  14. meani2 said

    lol thats not zim thats gir but a good show????? DUDE ITS THE BEST

  15. Dani said

    Aww GIR is soo cute! Did they acctualy cancle the show cause i heard it’s on at like 12:30… mabey not. Anywa it’s cute. I’ve only seen two episodes though.

  16. they canceled it because they thought the viewers were to young to be watching it. “most” of the kids that watched nickoledeon (sp?) were within the ages of 6-11 and the Nick company said it was to mature for them. Now it only plays on Nicktoons Network but hardly.

    Note: I am an Invader Zim lover I am thinking about purchasing the vols. on and maybe if you want to watch them buy the volumes.

  17. ra-chan said

    Invader Zim rocks. It is my all time favorite show. XD G.I.R!!! Woo! I ❤ Gir and Zim, and Dib, and Gaz, and Prof. Membrane, and EVERYONE in the cast. XD Awesome vector btw. =D I’d bet that i’m the biggest IZ fan ever. lol I have all the DVDs, all the merch, a mural on my wall, and i draw gir and zim 24/7. lol I obviously need a life. lmao

  18. invader zim fannn babyyy said

    i am a number one invader zim fan… i spent a year looking for all the invader zim room decorations wear nmothing else but tht invader zim perfume.. and my bed is filled with gir and zim blankets and gir plushies. my closet has all invader zim clothes. my friends call me a freek fer wearing the zim costume for years in a row. until i grew out of it.. then i became gir. i think nick shuld be destroyed… zim:”they just left thse structures here to taunt me. I HATE THEM!!” lol i hate nick though they suck. anyways i think if zim were reel he wuld be seriously hawtt!

  19. they did not cancel it its on at 1:30 or 12:00 on saturdays an sunday nights i watched just like yesterday if it was sunday yesterday :l

  20. hallo mr cupcake said

    if anyone here really really likes zim go to and go to shirts and you can make a custom shirt of any gir or zim pic

  21. bean69 said

    u assholes need to shut ur dam mouths about invader zim. hes the coolest cartoon ever..<3<3

  22. tom said

    show more invader zim i love that show

  23. INVADER ZIM ROX!!!!! STINKING HUMAN WORM BABY NICKOLODEAN!!! I kinda think that Invader Zim would of had more ratings if zim and tak teamed up. But, that would never happen. Tak unfortunetly zim is like well to…..ignorant and Tak is to smart. lol I kind support zatr (zim* and*Tak*Romance) BUT IT WOULD N-E-V-E-R ACTUALLY HAPPEN, I MEAN THEY HATE EACH OTHER!!! 😆

  24. bobb0 said

    mr cupcake: it’s cancelled. those are called re-runs. there are no new episodes.

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